We do what you do every day — inspire students to be creative.

It’s tough to counsel creative types. But you can start with The Art Institutes system of schools. With diverse study areas, degree programs, and experienced instructors*, we can help your students become real world ready.

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Inspire your high school juniors and seniors (grades 11 and 12 in Canada) to start focusing on how they’ll become creative warriors and pursue their ambitions after graduation. Our interactive multimedia presentation, delivered in person by an Art Institutes representative, underscores the importance of what your students are learning from you right now. Then it covers how we’ll prepare them to use their creativity in real jobs out in the real world.

This 45-minute presentation can be tailored to your class schedule and includes:

  • Professionalism and work skills
    (examples could include teamwork, time management, culinary skills)
  • Business and communication skills
    (examples could include teamwork, business plans, written and verbal skills, marketing, problem solving)
  • Technology and creative design skills
    (examples could include teamwork, professional computer programs, creativity)
  • Culinary demonstrations for select classes
  • Scholarship opportunities, competitions, and financial aid** options
  • Inspiring work created by students from Art Institutes schools

Please note: In-person presentations may not be available at all locations.

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Please note: In-person presentations may not be available at all locations.


Open House

We hold Open Houses throughout the year where you, your students, and their parents can meet the faculty, tour the school, see student work, and more.

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College Bound Courses

High school juniors and seniors can participate in an 11-week college experience. They’ll take courses designed to help them learn more about their interests, and in some cases, even create a portfolio that may be used to request proficiency credit*** upon enrollment at an Art Institutes school.

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Ai After Dark

These nighttime events challenge high school students to take on an intense, hands-on challenge in their area of interest. Choosing from the fashion, culinary, design, or media arts disciplines, they can get help from industry insiders along the way.

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Portfolio Show

Once a year, our graduates demonstrate how years of hard work have prepared them to be successful creatives. Come and meet the students, and see their work for yourself. It’s also a great event to help inspire your creatively minded students.

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Educator Workshop

Educator Workshop

Learn. Explore. Improve. Then pass it on.

Our Educator Workshops****, designed specifically for high school educators, can help you hone your creative edge, improve your skills, and expand your industry knowledge. Of course, you're not the only one who can benefit from your experience — your students can, too.

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Please note: Educator workshops may not be available at all locations.


Help them find the less traveled paths.

You play a vital role in the lives of your students and the directions they choose to follow. Why not find out about all the educational options available to creative students after high school?

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Student Scholarship Opportunities

Student Scholarships

There are more ways to get here than you think.

We share your concerns about how your students can afford the cost of a creative education. Through a range of competitions and other opportunities, The Art Institutes system of schools offers full and partial scholarship opportunities to new students throughout the school year.